Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being A Stay At Home Mom, Part 1: The Sacrifices

 Being a stay at home mom is a wonderful experience but it comes with sacrifices (as does being a working mom but I have no experience with that) One of the biggest things for me is I have no adults to talk to. I've become one of those annoying customers that has conversations with the checkout person...and the post office workers! One of the things that keeps me sane is calling my mom at 9:00 every morning. I would probably call her earlier but when she is working she runs an errand at 8:30 every morning and on her days off she COULD be sleeping still. I get really irritated when she actually has to work at work and I can't talk to her. It can be a long day if I don't go anywhere and just have Oliver and the animals to talk to! 
 Now completely opposite of that is never having true alone time. Since August I have been home alone 2 times, once when Jese took him on a quick bike ride and this past weekend for a few hours. Sure I'm "alone" when he takes his naps but during those times I am quickly getting everything done that is hard to do when he is awake, like crochet! I don't have the quiet drive to work and back home. Any person who has kids knows you never get a quiet bathroom time again! I always bring Oliver in the bathroom while I take a shower because if I wait until his nap that would be around 10 or 11, way to late for a shower!! To solve this problem I have decided that starting today I will get up after I feed him in the morning. So far I like it, I even got to see Jese this morning because he had school so he left later than normal. I still have at least a half an hour before Oliver wakes up!!
The little sacrifice has been my looks!! I can't justify buying any new clothes because I normally just stay home, I don't really need to dress nice for that! Today marks the second day this month I wore my contacts. I haven't work make up or dried my hair since Dec. 30th (that was our last Christmas party) I just don't see the point in using precious time to do that when I could be doing something else. I don't exactly have to look nice for Oliver after all, he will love me anyways!! Who knows, now that I am getting up before him maybe I'll start looking nicer!!

There are many more sacrifices a stay at home but those are the ones that I notice the most (besides only having one income of course) But of course there are many more benefits to me, which is why I do it!!

Stay tuned for Being A Stay At Home Mom, Part 2: The Benefits


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